Welcome to Jeff Urbanchuk Photography.

Jeff Urbanchuk began experimenting in figurative photography in 2010 while exploring the arts scene in Washington, DC. Inspired by the classical treatment of the human figure in art, Jeff began establishing his style which blends figure work with elements of portraiture and fashion. Jeff has worked with well known and established models in the Washington, DC area including:

Trishii MM#1153250
Kelsey Denise MM#1849707
Brittany7 MM#1937585
LiiLii MM#642079
Vdb Nudes MM#1068431
Art Muse MM#1494464
Devonny Sandrick MM#2145055
Blue River Dream MM#225550
I Am Sunshine MM#2174480
Rachel Dashae MM#98824
Henna N. MM#1630018
_Adrina Lynn_ MM#1017067

While Jeff's primary focus is on figurative and editorial photography, he also works outside the studio setting, shooting event and engagement photos for clients in Virginia and Washington, DC.